David Chappell & Tommy Lepson


Tommy's Latest Project with Dave Chappell featuring artists Bob Britt, Mark Wenner, Kevin McKendree, Bruce Swaim, John Previti, Pete Ragusa, Jack O'Dell and John Thomakos!  Get yours today!

I welcome this opportunity to introduce a group of great players and friends. I've had the fortune to make music with all of them. I feel we're all rhythm and blues men at heart. It's in the grooves. It's that pulse that makes your spirit smile and your body move. Tommy's voice is dripping with soul and the music is from the gut. You can't teach or learn feel, you're born with it. It's a gift meant to be shared and that's what this collections of songs is about. So turn it up and let it heal you a bit. Thanks for the music fellas!

Nils Lofgren

I'm sure that everyone will agree when I say that it's about time that we have a complete release that showcases Tommy Lepson! From start to finish you'll hear soulful conviction from Tommy's own "Sound of the Tone" right into "Precious". "Signed, Sealed & Delivered" not only showcases a refrain of great harmonies but it also features some brilliant guitar from Paul Bell. Tommy won't stop surprising you throughout this recording from his wailing on "Same Old Blues" to "River of Life" when you just can't sit down...

Damien Einstein, WHFS

I think that the great sound that Tommy gets on his B-3 comes from a combination of musical skill and the technical understanding of how the instrument works. All this and he sings his ass off too.

Danny Gatton